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Everything You Need To Know About The Best Double Strollers

Having your first baby is a unique experience, when it comes to a second, third, or more, the experience is very different. You will soon find out that being able to take the time to gaze into your baby’s eyes, look over their facial features, and have fun playing peek-a-boo is something that can only easily be done with the first baby. You are now taking your two-year-old to a play date, the grocery store, and the library, along with a baby.


Being physically able to get around with your children can be difficult, but is something that you need to be able to do in order to survive with multiple children. It is necessary in order to stay sane and keep your confidence.

The Facts of a Double Stroller

Because of their purpose and design, double strollers are typically heavy and big. In order to hold two kids, they have to be. Making the decision on buying a double stroller and which one to buy is not a decision to make on a whim, because they can be quite costly.

Difference in the Children’s Ages

The type of double-stroller you will want to buy does depend on the differences in your children’s ages. The stroller you will want for an infant and young toddler is not the same stroller that you would want for an infant and a child that is three or four years old.

For the most part, it is easier to buy a double stroller for children that are less than two years apart. But if the children are three or four years apart, they often seem to do better in a side-by-side stroller. When looking at strollers, you will want to look for seats that have a weight limit of 50 pounds so you can use it longer, many have a 40 pound seat limit.


When you are having your second child, you may not need a double stroller if your oldest child is four-years-old or older. If this is the case, you may want to wait until you have your second child and then determine if you want to put money into a double stroller.

Once children get to the age of four, they often do not want to ride in a stroller. If necessary, they would prefer to stand, so a sit and stand stroller may be a better option, but it really depends on what your child prefers. If your first child prefers to be in a stroller, then you have more options for a double stroller.

You could also consider using a riding board for your older child or if they don’t mind being in a stroller, you could use a single stroller for your oldest and carry the infant in a carrier. This is why waiting until your second child has been born before buying a stroller would be ideal if your oldest child is four or older.


Double Strollers that are the Best

Deciding which double stroller to buy can be quite difficult and even more expensive than buying a single stroller. Our choices for the best double strollers are listed below.

What you need to first know is what you need to have and what your budget for a new double stroller is.

Side-by-Side Vs. Tandem

There are basically two types of double strollers, the side-by-side and the tandem and there are pros and cons to each.


A side-by-side stroller is an extra wide stroller that is basically two single strollers attached to each other. They are usually easy to push and steer, but because of how wide they are, they are typically harder to get through the doorway. If there is a narrow sidewalk, the side-by-side will also take up the entire sidewalk. On the other hand, there is often less fighting amongst the children because the seats are the same.


A tandem double stroller has one seat in front of the other. They often have the back seat sitting higher than the one in front. With the tandem stroller, you can easily make it through a doorway because it is the same width as a single stroller.

But a tandem stroller is harder to steer and maneuver because it is so long. Another problem this type of stroller has is the fighting that it could bring between your children. If one seat appears to be a better seat, then as the children age, they will both want the better seat and may begin to fight over it.

Whether it is a Side-by-Side or a Tandem double stroller, there are a few favorites we have picked.

Joovy Scooter X2 best-double-strollersSide-by-Sides

* Best Side-by-Side for General Purpose – The Joovy Scooter X2

A typical side-by-side stroller with extra storage, average size wheels, and one of the best double umbrella strollers by Joovy that shades both children. Prices for this type typically range from $200 to $580.

Maclaren Twin Triumph best strollers 2017


* Best Side-by-Side Umbrella StrollerMaclaren Twin Triumph

best-double-stroller-mclarenA stroller that is lightweight. It has limited storage and small wheels, but folds up compact for easier storing and transporting. There is an charcoal umbrella for each child. Prices typically range from $100 to $500.




ironman-duallie-23-best-double-stroller-jogins-running* Best Side-by-Side Double Jogger – BOB Ironman Duallie

This jogger stroller is for the serious runner that wants to be able to keep up with their exercise routine even after having more children. The two tires in the back are large and there is only one large tire in the front that is either fixed or swivels. This type of stroller is the perfect set-up for those that want to go for a run with their children. Prices range from $300 to $650.






Best Side-by-Side Double Stroller for All-Terrain - Bumbleride Indie Twin -small Best Side-by-Side Double Stroller for All-Terrain - Bumbleride Indie Twin* Best Side-by-Side Double Stroller for All-TerrainBumbleride Indie Twin

This type of stroller is the most commonly used. The wheels are heavy duty making them perfect for all types of terrain. The wheel or wheels in the front either swivel or can be locked making them great for those that occasionally want to jog with the stroller. They have a great amount of storage space, but are heavy, bulky, and take up a lot of trunk space. Prices typically range between $200 and $750.


* Best Frame for Twin Car Seats – Joovy Twin Roo+

This is perfect for those that are having twins. You can easily put the baby’s car seat onto the frame and take them where you need to go. There is a good amount of storage and it is easy to fold up and take where you need to go. Typically can only be used for about a year. Prices range from $100 to $300.


* Best Tandem for All PurposeContours Options

Tandems that are all purpose usually have smaller wheels and are not meant to go over all types of terrain. Prices typically range from $160 to $300.





* Best All-Terrain Convertible Stroller – Baby Jogger City Select

A convertible stroller is one that can be used as a single stroller or converts into a two seater by adding a second seat. They are bulkier and heavier but last for many years. Prices will typically range from $500 to $1000.

* Best Tandem Sit and Stand Stroller


The best sit and stand strollers are perfect for those that have an infant and an older child that is three-years-old or older. As a child gets older, they do not always like to sit in the stroller, so this stroller gives them the option to sit or stand. Prices typically range from $130 to $400.

There are also strollers that are designed for people that have three or four children that need to be in a top best double stroller. The Valco Baby Tri-Mode Double Plus Joey seat is perfect for those with more than two kids that need to be in a stroller. This typically costs between $700 and $800.

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