Best Gliders and Rocking Chairs

7 Gliders New Parents Can Use To Hold Their Babies In Comfort and Style


When you first become a parent, you’re going to be up late, feeding your baby and trying to get him/her to sleep. While you can feed or snuggle with them in your bed, a nice glider or rockers a much better option. Why? Many babies tend to stay rather calm from the constant motion.


It seems like wooden rockers have always been around, but the glider is quickly taking its place. It’s got a subtle forward and backward movement. Your backside will also feel better sitting in something that isn’t wood, especially if it’s for long periods of time.


Gliders appear like actual living room chairs, which makes them useful after your baby has grown up.


Armrests are the number one feature for gliders, as they support the elbows and the baby’s weight. No doubt, your arms will start to hurt unless you can keep them propped up. Many gliders don’t have these armrests, but they can be found.


Like any kind of furniture, it can be expensive to purchase a rocker or glider. If you can’t buy a new one, you can find used ones on Craigslist, eBay or secondhand stores.


7 Popular Gliders To Consider For Your New Parenting Needs


There are all kinds of gliders on the market that come with an ottoman. If you want a glider, you should consider an ottoman to go along with it so you can position your body and you’re comfortable.


pb-kids-comfort-swivel-rocker-ottoman-cPottery Barn Kids Comfort Swivel Rocker (Min. $850)
The Comfort Swivel Rocker is rather expensive, but includes an array of colors and is made of high-quality materials. You can customize the chair to look like you want, and for an additional $500, you can buy an ottoman to go along with it. The chairs will swivel 360 degrees, which lets your older enjoy going round and round until they can’t do it anymore.


Ikea Poang Rocking Chair ($109)


poang-rocking-chair-green-best-glidersIf budget is a concern, then the Ikea Poang Rocking Chair is the go-to piece of furniture. It’s got a high back that allows you to rest your head comfortably. It can be easily cleaned, should there be any spit-up you must contend with. It also great for daily use after your baby has grown. Consider the foot stool to go along with it too.




Little Castle Gliders ($603)

The Little Castle glider is made in the U.S. and costs a little more than $600. The company is well-known for specializing in club-chair nursery gliders and comes in many fabrics and styles.

Little Castle Gliders

shermag-best-glider-rockerShermag Glider Rocker Combo ($179)

The Shermag rocker/glider is another affordable piece of furniture.  The ottoman that goes along with this can be a bit top-heavy and can lead to injury if older children try to jump on it. They also come with ball bearings that can be rather noisy. The chair can be locked into a stationary position or glide. If you lock it, you won’t have to worry about falling out of it.


Dutailier Glider Rockers from Buy Buy BabyDutailer Gliders ($529)


When it comes to nursery gliders, this one is the Cadillac. Parents who use it rarely have any complaints. It’s a high-quality chair that offers a very smooth gliding system and six-position adjustment.  While some of the models will recline, there are others that don’t. With the space that this offers, you have room for yourself, the baby and a pillow, if you want.



Best Chairs Storytime Series Tryp Recliner ($650)


When it comes to gliders that impress moms, the Storytime Series Tryp Recliner is a swivel piece of furniture that allows you to use the lever and lay it out. The chair can be customized – roughly 700 fabrics and colors to design with.


Land of Nod Gliders (Min $700)

The Crate & Barrel company designed the Land of Nod glider and is quite modern. They include the Toby, Luca, Marley, Milo, etc., which runs around $700.

Land of Nod Gliders