Best Potty Seats and Step Stools

Potty Seat or Potty Chair: Do You Need Them or Should You Consider A Step Stool Instead



Most people know what a potty chair is – a little potty that sits on the floor away from the main bathroom toilet. A majority of them include a removable basin that people will dump and clean out.  The biggest downfall of potty chairs is the constant cleaning out of poop that must be done. And, for some parents and caregivers, this may be the grossest part of it all in taking care of kids.


A potty seat is just a toddler’s bathroom – is much smaller than the adult toilet – and ensures your child doesn’t fall in the bigger toilet.  If you’re able to get your little one to sit on the adult potty, that’s great. It means no real messy cleanup for you. However, many toddlers are terrified of the adult potty – perhaps because of its height.


If you can get your child on the big “boy or girl” potty, then you’re going to have to invest in a step stool so they can easily get onto the toilet.


Potty Chair vs. Potty Seats vs. Step Stools


A majority of toddlers, ages 2.25 and 2.5 are more keep on the adult potty while younger children tend to favor the potty chair. Whatever the method your child wants to use, it’s best to let them try both and decide which one is comfortable for their little rear ends.


When it comes to potty chairs versus potty seats, your best bet is going to be the potty chair. Of course, as your child gets a little older, you may want to go with the potty seat to acclimate them to the big toilet.


What Potty Chairs Should You Consider For Your Little One?


lockig-children-s-potty-green__0185029_pe336859_s4IKEA Lockig Children’s Potty ($10)


This IKEA children’s potty has an anti-slip material to it – it’s easy to use and lightweight.


Prince Lionheart PottyPOD Basic ($22)


pottypod-basixThe basic Prince Lionheart is a comfortable design that comes with an integrated splash shield. It also comes with a slip-resistant base that makes for easy cleaning. It also comes in an array of colors.



potty-chair-pink-055155-babybjorn-768x835BabyBjorn Potty Chair ($19)


BabyBjorn has developed various kinds of potties such as the BB Potty Chair. This chair comes with the ergonomic design and high backrest. The chair sits a little off of the ground, which allows your toddler to sit on it like they want.


They also developed a smaller potty known as the Smart Potty for $13; it’s often used by moms that need to make an emergency pit stop.



primo-4-in-1-soft-seat-toilet-trainer-and-step-stool-38Primo 4-in-1 Soft Seat Toilet Trainer and Step Stool ($38)


Primo created a four-in-one toilet trainer – it’s a stand-alone potty, seat reducer that will go on the adult toilet and step stool. There’s additional security to it thanks to the handles. It’s ideal for tiny bathrooms where there’s room for a lot of extras.


Which Potty Seats Should You Consider?


BabyBjorn Potty Seat ($23)


The BB Potty Seat is a great product that comes with a knob that lets you adjust it to fit the toilet seat. If you’re going to remove the seat continually, you’ll be thankful to have the hanging hook, so it doesn’t sit on the bathroom floor.


bemis-nextstep-children-s-round-closed-front-toilet-seat-in-white-583slowaBemis NextStep Kid’s Toilet Seat ($46)


Bemis has created a mini/big seat combo that brings together a conventional bathroom that doesn’t scream that you have kids. It can replace your toilet seat and can be unclipped once the kids no longer need it.  It’s important you know what kind of toilet bowl you have and purchase the right size.





Which Step Stools Should You Consider?


There is going to be a time when your little one is going to need a step stool – it doesn’t matter if they’re trying to reach the big potty or if they’re trying to wash their hands. If your child is a little short or you have a tall sink, you could purchase a tall stool for them.


IKEA Forsiktig Step Stool ($5)best-step-stools-for-pottys


For just $5, you can get the IKEA Forsiktig Step Stool, which is great as a small stool and helpful to those little ones that need a little bit of a boost.


Aqueduck Faucet Extender ($10)


Have you ever had to hold your child in your hands to wash their hands? If so, then give your back a rest with the Aqueduck Faucet Extender.


BabyBjorn Safe Step Stool (Min. $10)


This step stool comes with an anti-slip material on both the top and bottom, which is important for when you want your child to wash his/her hands and are afraid they may slip. Remember, kids are messy and are likely to get water everywhere.


Bumbo Step Stool ($14)


This step stool is much taller and wider than other step stool and is great for your little ones.


Pottery Barn Kids Step Stool ($45 to $60)

Pottery Barn has created several wooden step stools that fit in any bathroom décor. You can go with either the one-step or two-step stool. With the two-step stool, your smaller child gets some additional height to reach the sink. Consider styling it up by putting their name on it.


You Still Need The Baby Wipes


As it currently stands, until your baby is fully potty trained, you’re going to need some type of baby wipe to get them fully cleaned. You have the option for wet baby wipes, but you can also consider the flushable kinds too, at least until your baby is ready to use the dry toilet paper like you use.


Pampers Kandoo Flushable Wipes ($22)


There’s going to be a time where you don’t have to worry with baby wipes and, until that time happens, the flushable wipes from Pampers is your go-to product.


On-The-Go Portable Potty Seats


If you’re potty training your child, you know that going out can be a difficult thing to do. The last thing you want to do is confuse your child by making them wear a diaper anytime you go out. Instead, the travel potty seat allows you to easily and slowly transition them from diaper to adult potty.  Before you know it, they’ll wait to use the restroom for the actual potty.


Potette Plus 2-in-I ($9)


The 2-in-1 Potette Plus is an upgrade from the original and comes with a portable potty with a trainer seat to boot. It’s equipped with a small drawstring bag that can be tossed into the back seat of your vehicle or diaper bag. It has three disposable liners. All you need to do is purchase refills and or a plastic grocery bag.


Summer Infant Deluxe Piddle Pad ($10)


If you despise washing car seat covers, you can protect them from accidents using the Summer Infant piddle pad.