Best Baby Bouncers and Rockers

9 Types Of Baby Bouncers and Loungers You Should Consider For Your Newborn

Congratulations on the birth of your new baby. You probably want to hold him/her all day, right? Well, you already know that holding them all day isn’t going to happen. After all, you have to cook, clean, take a shower or even use the bathroom.


This is one thing most people don’t think about before the baby arrives. However, it’s essential you consider it. So, what do you do when you need to put the baby down and get your other “chores” done? There are several “devices” that will help you to get the things you need done… done while also keeping your baby safe.  Such devices include baby bouncers, baby swings, etc.


Baby Bouncers To Consider For Your Little One


Most people make the mistake that a baby bouncer is a swing that hangs from a doorframe. The reality is that a bouncer is a seat for infants who are unable to sit up just yet.  The baby bouncer is ideal for newborns to six-month-old babies. A majority of them don’t really bounce, but they can make sounds, vibrate and allow babies to look at various items. Of course, you’ll need DD batteries to keep the devices going (and your baby happy).


With so many to choose from, how do you know which one is right for you? Here are some worthwhile choices being sold on the market:

Best Baby Rocker 2017

rock-n-playFisher-Price Rock ‘N Play – $80

One of the best baby containment devices to consider is the Rock ‘N Play from Fisher-Price. Why? It ensures your baby isn’t on the ground – unlike rockers – making ideal for keep animals out of your baby’s face and keeping your back from hurting.


Affordable/Cheap Baby Bouncers


It’s about to remember that baby bouncers are generally only used for a short time – six months at most. If you want to save some money and need a high-quality bouncer, here are three choices to consider:

fisher-price-deluxe-bouncerFisher Price Deluxe Bouncer – $65


A hit with many parents is the Fisher-Price Deluxe Bouncer, which comes with nature sounds, eight sounds and vibrations. It’s also got a birdie your baby can look at.


Skip Hop Uplift Bouncer – $150


The Skip Hop Uplift Bouncer has a removable toy bar, sound effects (along with volume control), two songs and a vibration mode. It’s also the only bouncer that can be adjusted for height.  You can also set the timer to turn the machine off after 20 minutes.

bright-starts-rockerBright Starts Rocker – $45

The Bright Starts rocker is a two-position recliner that comes with a toy bar and a vibration setting. It’s one of the most affordable rockers on the market and is easy to set up and use.

Expensive Baby Bouncers


If you’re in the market for a baby bouncer (and money is no object, or you think someone will buy it for you from the registry), then there are five options you should look at. These options include:


nuna-leaf-seatNuna Leaf Seat – $229

If you want something a little more unique – something you can use from when they’re newborns to preschool age, then you need the Nuna Leaf Seat. There are no cords, batteries or noise, which is great for moms who need to get chores down or want a little peace and quiet while the baby sleeps.


Babyhome Wave Rocker – $179


There are four color finishes the Babyhome Wave Rocker comes in – that will match rooms that come with contemporary décor. It’s got a steady rocking motion – going back and forth. You can also put into a stationary position. When you’re not using it, it can be stored in a small area – great if your home is small or you have an apartment.


stokke-steps-bouncerStokke “Steps” Bouncer – $199


This is a “grow with me” bouncer that allows you to seat and feed your child. If you purchase the high chair, you can place the bouncer on top and feed your newborn to six-month-old child. If you want something modern, this is the way to go.


bloom-coco-loungersBloom Coco Loungers – $200


Bloom creates several worthwhile, neat-looking loungers such as the Go Organic Lounger. One of the best aspects of the loungers is your ability to take it wherever you go.

babybjorn-bouncer-balanceBabyBjorn Bouncer Balance – $199 (Amazon Price $150)


Many households have fallen in love with the BabyBjorn Bouncer Balance for all kinds of reasons. The biggest reason is that there is no batteries needed for it. Why? Your baby’s own movements make the device work. It comes with four settings – folded down, partially-reclined, fully-reclined and upright. Since it can be folded down, you can take on trips.



Bear in mind that the bells and whistles of the Leaf Seat come at a high price – more than $200.