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Sit and Stand Strollers for Infant & Toddler Twins

You might think they look strange at first if you’ve never used one, but a sit and stand stroller is actually the perfect solution for busy parents with more than one child. Once you’ve got two little ones on your hands, you’ll certainly appreciate the freedom this style of stroller affords. The front seat in these strollers are for the baby or infant, with the back seat acting as a perfect spot for the toddler or older child, who can also choose to stand in the space. It was certainly designed with moms of multiples in mind. Plus, with a sit and stand stroller, you don’t have to worry about buying and learning how to use two different strollers, as one works just great.

Comparing Models:

Is it easy?

We’ll consider three areas of convenience – its weight, its size, and its maneuverability. Rubber tires come on some models, and others will feature ball-bearing wheels. Both options have pros to them.


Most moms who have more than one child have to travel with all sorts of items and accessories–think bottles, blankets, diapers, toys, first aid, jackets, etc. Likewise, mom might need to cart around a few personal items for herself, like a purse, wallet, cell phone, makeup, or camera. When it comes to motherhood, the list of needs sometimes feels limitless. As such, you’re going to want to make sure you have that needed storage space to make sure there is an compartment for all the little things that can sometimes add up to big bulk. The more organized you are, the saner you will stay.

Storing the stroller

Keeping an eye on two little ones is a challenge all unto itself. Moms don’t need the added hassle of figuring out how to fold up and store the stroller at home or while out on top of everything else. As such, we want to make sure these sit and stand strollers are easy to fold up and slide out of the way at a moment’s notice, and preferably with just one hand. You never know when you’ll have a crying infant in one arm with a toddler pulling on your pant leg at your feet.


This is an area most mothers are not willing to compromise on, and with good reason. Making sure their children are safe when rolling around in their strollers is often the number one concern mothers have when shopping for a new travel system. As such, you want to keep an eye out for these areas when comparison shopping for any type of stroller, including a sit and stand stroller – you want front wheels that lock, with 8″ rear wheels and 7″ front wheels, a foot activated rear brake, a 3-point harness padded seat, and a sun canopy that you can remove. Some of the more hi tech models will also include even more features, which might be something you are looking for.

1. Joovy Caboose Ultralight Stroller

This is a compact and lightweight model, weighing in at just 21 pounds. This stroller is 20 percent lighter than most models you will find on the market, and is arguably the lightest of its kind you will find. It is easy to maneuver, so you can make it around all those tight corners. It has a large storage basket with a parent organizer, and there are three recline positions for the front seat. Your bigger child can easily stand at the back, even if the front seat is in the lowest reclined position. The older child can choose between sitting, standing and walking, and the child tray has two cup holders with a car seat adapter that snaps easily in place.

2. Graco RoomFor2 Stand and Ride Classic Connect Stroller

The front wheels have built in suspension, which gives easy maneuverability. The swivel wheels can be locked, and both of the seats hold about 50 pounds each. The rear seat has a 3-point harness and you can easily clean them, as the seats are machine washable. The front seat has several position options, and the back has a bench seat that includes the standing platform for the older child. This model comes in black.

3. Baby Trend Sit N Stand Ultra Tandem Stroller

This model is made of metal and nylon and holds the weight of 50 pounds for each of your two children. The child sitting at the back has the option to stand or sit, and the brake can be conveniently activated with just your foot. The child tray swings away when you need it out of the way, and older kids can also easily access the front seat. There is a large basket compartment to store away all of your things, making for even more convenience. The Baby Trend Sit N Stand Ultra Tandem Stroller comes in many different colors to choose from – Carbon, Phantom, Elixir, and Millennium; something for all tastes.

4. Joovy Caboose Stand On Tandem Stroller

The Joovy Caboose Stand On Tandem Stroller is an incredibly diverse model of stroller. It is compact and easy to maneuver over all sorts of terrain, and its patented stand feature is sure to appeal to the older child. The standing child can easily turn and sit on the padded seat if he or she likes. The trigger-fold design lets you fold up and store the stroller in a pinch and this stroller also features a car seat attachment that works with any make or model. There are also two cup holders, a child tray, and a large storage compartment. Your two children will be safe and comfortable in this model.

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