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kinderwagon-hop-tandem-umbrella-stroller-black-v2-double-strollersWhen you are searching for the right stroller, it can be tough to make a decision, what with the dozens and dozens of brands and models available. Why does one stroller only cost $100 while another may be upwards of $1,000? There are a few different factors that should be taken into consideration when purchasing a new stroller. When you do look for one, make sure to “test drive” a few different models around the store to get a true feel of what you are buying. If you plan to use your stroller frequently, remember that you need a model that is beneficial for both you and your child.

Selecting a Stroller- Different Models

Newborn Needs-All-In-One Travel System

When you need a stroller for twins or a newborn, it is important to get the right one. Until your child turns six months or so you will need to have a travel system that will recline fully so as to safely support your infant’s neck and head. Look for a model that comes with a detachable car seat/baby carrier or one that is compatible with a specific car seat base. A travel system can make traveling with a young baby easier and less stressful.

Many parents start out with an all-in-one travel stroller system. These generally consist of the infant car seat, the car-seat base (which stays in the vehicle), and the stroller itself. They are typically heavier and bulkier, but when your child turns six months or is able to sit up on their own, you can enjoy the flexibility of using the stroller without the actual infant seat strapped into it. There are some travel strollers that allow the baby to recline without the car seat, as long as the seat itself reclines back to nearly flat. Travel system strollers are generally more expensive but are still an excellent choice because even when your child doesn’t fit in the infant car seat anymore, you can still use the stroller.

kolcraft-cloud-side-by-side-strollerTwins and Infant Double Strollers

From the best twin strollers for sitting and standing to both infant and toddler double stroller guides our goal is to help you select the best double stroller for your specific needs and lifestyle while saving money.

Infant Car Seat Carriers

When your child is between six months to a year old, a lightweight car seat carrier is a great choice if you travel a lot. These types of strollers make it easy to pull your child in and out of the vehicle when you are on-the-go. The lightweight universal frames of these models allow you to attach a car seat easily. You can just remove the infant seat right out of the base in the car, with baby in it, and snap it into the frame of the stroller. This is a great choice because babies tend to nap in the car and you can easily move your child without waking him or her. When you are done with the stroller, just remove the seat and snap it directly back into the base in the car. You never have to take the base out of the vehicle or mess with seat belt buckles. These types of stroller frames are both light and inexpensive and are handy for quick trips around town.

Baby Strollers-Six Months to Three Years

bright-starts-rockerAfter your baby is old enough to sit up and take an interest in the activities going on around him or her, you may be taking them for longer walks. However, it is important to factor in where you live-will you be going for long walks or jogging in the neighborhood or have to get in and out of a subway or bus? These are important factors to consider, as well. If your home is in the city and you have to rely on public transportation to get around, it is vital to choose a lightweight stroller that also folds easily and quickly. For infants that are older than six months, a lightweight umbrella stroller is a good choice for city dwellers. For areas that are more rural, a heavier stroller is usually easier to push on long walks. However, these types of strollers are bulkier and harder to fold. Make sure the stroller you do end up purchasing can fit into your vehicle, if you have one.

Test Driving Your Choices

You can now virtually test-drive the strollers that you are interested in buying by going to the company website and watching videos. You can often find videos of parents pushing the strollers through busy sidewalks and open roads, navigating crowded airports and folding and un-folding the stroller for storage. When you do check out the stroller yourself, look at the following issues:

•Handle height and grip- Be sure that you are comfortable with the grip of the stroller and where it sits at. You’ll also want to make sure that your feet aren’t hitting the wheels while you push the stroller around.

•Add weight to the stroller, such as a heavy purse or bag, to see how it will push with a baby in it.

•Check the brakes-are they swivel lock and easy to use?

•Is the backrest easily adjustable? Can you fasten and unfasten the harness with ease?

kinderwagon-hop-tandem-double-umbrella-stroller-folded-up-for-storage•Can you carry the stroller easily, when it is open and when it is folded up?

•Can you close the stroller easily with one hand? Remember, you may be alone and have to hold the baby in one hand and fold with the other, so you need a stroller that is flexible.

•Does the stroller store easily?

If you are able to, take a floor model from the store out to your vehicle to make sure it will fit in your trunk when it is folded up. If you aren’t permitted to do so, measure your trunk and compare it against the stroller itself.

Warranty and Return Policies

Check the warranty information before purchasing your new stroller. Many offer warranties that will cover flaws in the design, but not malfunctions. You don’t want to have to ship your stroller out for repairs, leaving you with nothing, so make sure to select a retailer that offers a long-term policy that makes it easy on you if there is a problem with the stroller.

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